Call Center Platform

call center platform They are social media-like formations created by businesses or companies operating in the call center field using social media. Through these platforms, call centers interact with each other and announcements that need to be announced to multiple people, such as an announcement, are announced to people through these platforms. Call centers have created platforms by using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The main purpose behind being organized through these social media is the use of these applications by everyone. At the same time, creating a platform through social media will be much simpler and more effective. Thanks to call center platforms, call centers can post job advertisements, advertise or share their announcements easily and quickly.

Call Center Platform Purposes

call center platform With its missions and vision, it guides call centers. The goals of call center platforms are:

  • It ensures the development of the call center sector in Turkey, and cooperation and cooperation for the expansion of its field of activity and influence.
  • It deals with growth and employment.
  • Contributing to the private and public sectors is one of the main objectives.
  • Regional and local development are among the main objectives.
  • Importance is given to the development of international competition and foreign investment.
  • It is aimed to provide all kinds of training support to the employees by aiming to increase the equipment of the existing employees.
  • One of the main objectives is to provide a profession for individuals who want to make a career in the call center sector.
  • Providing training, even at a minimum level, in call centers

Call Center Platform Activities

call center platform shows diversity. These activities are generally:

  1. To promote call center platforms before the government and to provide support for incentives
  2. To be involved in all regulatory studies concerning the call center sector and to ensure that suggestions suitable for the internal dynamics of this sector are expressed
  3. Representing Turkish call center platforms both nationally and internationally
  4. To act as a bridge between the call center industry and the lawmakers
  5. To prepare researches and analyzes related to the call center industry, to report them and to publish these reports
  6. The call center industry develops depending on the advancing technologies. By catching these developments, it is aimed to provide innovation and modernity in the call center sector.

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