Go Beyond the Limits with What You Can Do With Your Call Center!

Offering an alternative and optional infrastructure, SpeakUC fulfills all the functions your business requires. You can activate all the features on a single screen and configure it in accordance with the needs of your business. At every point where there is internet, you can make definitions instantly with interactive devices, wherever and whenever you want. You can monitor your reports, workflow and wallboard screens.

Accurate Customer Information is Transferred to the Right Customer Representative with the Right Timing of the Incoming Call

Incoming calls are transferred to the relevant customer representative by passing through the filters you specify and set up. All incoming and outgoing calls, live support calls, e-mails from your customers are displayed to your customer representatives on a single screen.

Connecting the Right Agent % 100
Yeni Müşteri Kazanım %80 95
One-Screen Management % 100
Customer Engagement Increase % 100
Customer Conversion Rate % 91

Make Instant Customer Representative Performance Evaluations

Add many features such as the ability to assign hundreds of agent, record their performance, view call history and listen to recorded calls.

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Your Calls at Your Service

Transfer incoming calls to the right customer representative with the right timing, thanks to the SpeakUC Smart distribution module. Satisfy customers by achieving a faster response rate in this way and shortening the waiting time of customers. Make the necessary definitions for your private customers not to wait on the line, ensure that their calls are answered by your experts as quickly as possible, create special queues for your private customers if you wish, prevent them from waiting or transfer them to a private customer representative.

Record Calls

It contains many features to help you record and evaluate all phone calls. You evaluated the recorded calls through Quality evaluation forms. Improve Agent performance and productivity.

Measuring Agent Performances

SpeakUC offers you Call Statuses, Monitoring Screens, Dashboard, Monitoring tools where you can monitor the real-time status performance of the Agents. Take control of their performance by monitoring employees. Performance appraisal and auditing is a motivating and quality-enhancing practice on personnel.

Your Reports Are Special For You

Use different features to help you make decisions. Quickly prepare the KPIs that need to be followed by making compatible and integrated reports. Make instant measurements and evaluations with all reports.

The Fastest Way to Gain Customers

Instantly communicate with your customers as if they were in a real store. Manage incoming chat requests from your Web, Mobile Web and Mobile app. Engage more, send them customized messages to increase sales and customer support with Live Support…


Manage Your Entire Contact Center from a Single Platform

Manage all your communication channels in real time without the need for a different application. Expand your communication network with a single application and have an efficient and cost-effective infrastructure.

Fast Operator Identification

Identify your operators in seconds with flexible management and unlimited definitions, view each operator's performance, call histories, call durations and SL levels, live chat conversation histories from a single platform.

Advanced Ip Switchboard

Manage your operation in a dispersed structure, increase the satisfaction of your customers by providing uninterrupted service with the Gelis Ip features, location-independent and easy-to-grow features.

Current Backup

SpeakUC secure servers store your data and work in collaboration with cloud technology, keeping your data on the cloud so that your service flexibility and uptime are always at the highest level.

Empower with Live Support Service

You can combine call center and live support service with very easy steps, increase your communication level by managing your call center from a single screen by eliminating complex multi-channel screens from CRM or SpeakUC CRM screens.

Let Your Operators Manage Customer Emails

Transfer all requests from your customers, e-mails such as complaint suggestions and sales to your operators and shorten your response times. Easily analyze the information, presentation and promotions of your product or brand through the operator channel.

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Easy Installation and Integration

We integrate your applications with our advanced Live Support plugin, web services and API interface.
With our Live Support plugin and API, it helps your customers in every field by easily integrating with the products you currently use such as CRM, ERP and E-Commerce. You start to provide fast and immediate support to your customers.

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