Who are we?

Company Name: Atılım Telecommunication Ltd. Sti.

His fields of study and expertise are within the telecommunication sector; Our company, which has Call Center Applications, IP-Based Communication Platforms and Voice Messaging Systems, develops software in these areas, provides consultancy and also supplies hardware, is a young and innovative company established in 2010 to share its experience of nearly ten years in the sector.

As a vision, the Rental Call Center aims to produce technological doctrines for itself and to share these doctrines with its customers and business partners in the ecosystem it has created.

The tools of this sharing; corporate communication platforms, solution-oriented consultancy and developing high-tech software solutions. Why U.S? Our customers are our values and we try to meet their needs as best we can and always try to satisfy them with our commitment and efforts.

When dealing with our customers, we do not limit ourselves to the technological aspects of their business. At the same time, we try to support them by using all our extensive knowledge in the telecommunications industry and Call Center Solutions. Our commitment and interest in our customers and their interests have affected our customers so much that they continued to choose us after they experienced the success with our services.

We are now reaping the fruits of our hard work, and today we are reaping the benefits in the form of new requests for proposals and increasing returns from continued business. For us, nothing is more effective than the trust our customers have to get their work done by us again. We really put this above everything else!

Müşterilerimizin tüm ihtiyaç ve beklentilerini tam anlamıyla karşılayabilecek esnek ve dinamik yapı, %100 müşteri memnuniyeti için kaliteli ve stabil bir sistem, sunduğumuz teknoloji ve yeniliklerle varolan ürünlerden hep bir adım önde olmak bizim olmazsa olmazlarımızdır. İletişim sektöründe başarılı projeler üretmek ve bu alanda fark yaratmak en büyük hedefimizdir.

What are we doing?

Working on the latest innovations and concepts, it has always been innovative in the products and solutions it offers. Sonitel's stable solutions increase customer interactions for both call centers and businesses. It gives you integrated feature-rich communication suites by rewriting legacy call center technology with a multi-boxed approach. KÇM adds value to your business by combining the capacities of customer interactions, management solutions, Predictive Dialing, IVR, ACD, Audio recording, Reporting & Quality monitoring, CTI & CRM, Database and multimedia communication.

Our areas of expertise are focused on Call Center Management Applications, Smart Switchboard Systems, Fax Server, Conference Manager, Written, Audio and Visual Messaging Platforms.

In addition, .Net technologies and open source code-based communication applications are also within our areas of interest.

Sectors We Serve

Regardless of the nature or size of business processes, it continues its efforts to provide turnkey, outsource and seat rental solutions for businesses and communication centers in different sectors.

The logic adopted by KÇM in all its applications is as follows; Basic needs are found in the system by default, customizations are determined according to the demands of the customer, and programs that fully meet the needs are revealed. Thanks to this flexible structure, it is very easy to create sectoral solutions. The main sectors we serve are;

Banking, Market Research, Informatics, Telecommunications, Travel & Transportation, Education, Maritime, E-Commerce, Security, Retail, Health, Insurance, Industry