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Kiralikcagrimerkezi.com, which produces solutions suitable for your Call Center needs, provides service by gathering all your requests under one roof.
Call Center Software Rental, Cloud Call Center, Call Center Staff Rental, Call Center desk rental We meet your call center needs at an affordable cost by considering all details such as:

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Social Media Monitoring

Responding to the demand quickly and accurately has become a very important detail in the new world order. We manage notifications from the world's most popular social media channels. Social media channels we work with: Instagram, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Live support

Instantly contact your customers who want to stay in touch with your customers, who want to stay in touch with the messaging method from your website or by calling them, with live support in the call center infrastructure, and meet their needs. If you want, check the live support contact history.

Video call

Discover the importance of face-to-face communication. Provide video support to your customers from your web, mobile web and mobile applications.
Organization leaders almost agree that face-to-face communication is the more efficient, powerful, and stimulating method for success.


Group incoming calls using advanced switchboard features, get to know your customer, strengthen them with special IVR announcements and TTS technologies.
Collect over the phone or inquire about debt or make an appointment.


Provide email support to your customers through your customer representatives using the email rules you set. Respond quickly to emails. Report email traffic. Create real-time notifications.

Strong Infrastructure

Respond to demands with our seamless infrastructure that offers data redundancy, coded using up-to-date and powerful technological materials.



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Satisfy your customers with Web Chat, Video calls, Email, Social Media and Live support

You can manage all your communication channels with real-time and innovative API solutions.

In the world of communication, Inbound Call Center has a leading role in Customer Relationship Management.

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